WriterWhile doing stand-up comedy Tom Johnston wrote jokes and routines for several British comedians (and had many more stolen). ┬áTom and Journalist Nick Maes had their own show on London’s LBC radio and Tom used to review the Newspapers on Sky News

Tom and fellow cartoonist David Austin were involved in the early days of the groundbreaking satirical TV series Spitting Image, and Tom has always written for newspapers and magazines including The Independent, The Times and the London Evening Standard.

For the past two years Tom, though not giving up his cartoon work. Tom is available for commissions, either as an individual or as part of your established in-house team.

On top of all that he has been also working on an exciting series of illustrated and interactive Children’s EBooks for over 10 year olds. The first of these is called THE CANNIBALS NEXT DOOR, and should be available on Kindle and iPad in 2013.

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